Production Processes

Our company, which has proven its quality through ISO 9.000 and 22.000 Quality and Food Safety Management Systems, produces natural and healthy foods such as Apple molasses, Beet Molasses, Juniper Molasses, Apricot Molasses and Pomegranate Syrup Sausage in addition to Grape Molasses by blending the grapes of East, Southeastern Anatolian and Aegean regions, Mulberry Molasses from mulberry fruit belonging to the Anatolia, Locust Bean Molasses from carob fruit growing in Mediterranean region, Date Molasses from date fruit imported from the Middle East and offers such foods to its consumers.

After boiling and pH balancing processes of the juice is completed, it is subjected to three-stage separator, kieselguhr and paper filter group and invisible residuals are removed from the juice.

Dutpınar Gıda starts its work by controlling the raw material at the production stage. Appropriate raw material is sent to the extraction unit for removing the juice of the fruits following the process of sieving and cleaning.

Fruit juice extracted from raw material subjected to several treatments in extraction unit is pre-filtered and then sent to the resting and boiling tanks in vacuuming unit.

Molasses treated in pasteurizing unit is subjected to food codex compliance test in laboratory environment. After the molasses which is decided to comply with food codex is filled in the packages in packaging and packing unit in hygienic conditions and according to the customer demand and is kept in cold storage house ready for shipment. It is delivered to the customer in the shortest time upon order.


We produce healthy and natural foods in modern production plant complying with international standards and in accordance with precise engineering study…