Carob Molesses
Which is one of the oldest plants on Earth'', which means'' the Prophet carob bread, Prophet Jacob in the desert known as a fruit instead of bread consumed. 
Locust is one of the most powerful source of nutrients contained in the gallic acid, which has many effects on human health is an agent. This material increases the abovementioned properties and characteristics of the promoter contained in the locust agents. Some features and benefits of gallic acid pain relief, allergy and asthma against the effect, the presence of an antimicrobial effect, strengthen the immune system against cancer effects comes from the presence of. 
  Mineral and vitamin content with a very positive effect on teeth and gums are. A high natural sugars, rich minerals (especially zinc) and vitamins (A, B, B2, B3, E) is the source of content and nutrients due to natural forces. High sodium and potassium content of blood pressure, liver and lung discomfort in the body helps. Carob syrup containing high amounts of calcium also helps bone development.